Networking API

The CoreProtect Networking API allows clients to receive data using packets.

Networking Details
Networking Version: 1
Plugin Version: v21.3+


The server will not respond unless the player has the correct permission, which is coreprotect.networking.

Server to Client

Data Packet

Sends data from the database.

  • Channel: coreprotect:data
Type: Int 1 2 3 4
Time: long Time: long Time: long Time: long
Phrase selector: UTF Phrase selector: UTF Result User: UTF Result User: UTF
Result User: UTF Result User: UTF Message: UTF Target: UTF
Target: UTF Amount: Int Sign: Boolean
Amount: Int X: Int X: Int
X: Int Y: Int Y: Int
Y: Int Z: Int Z: Int
Z: Int World name: UTF World name: UTF
World name: UTF
Rolledback: Boolean
isContainer: Boolean
Added: Boolean

Example (Fabric):

ByteArrayInputStream in = new ByteArrayInputStream(buf.getWrittenBytes());
DataInputStream dis = new DataInputStream(in);
int type = dis.readInt();
long time = dis.readLong();
String selector = dis.readUTF();
String  resultUser = dis.readUTF();
String target = dis.readUTF();
int amount = dis.readInt();
int x = dis.readInt();
int y = dis.readInt();
int z = dis.readInt();
String worldName = dis.readUTF();
boolean rolledback = dis.readBoolean();
boolean isContainer = dis.readBoolean();
boolean added = dis.readBoolean();

Handshake Packet

Sends handshake if player is registered.

  • Channel: coreprotect:handshake
  • Registered: Boolean

Client to Server

Handshake Packet

Sends handshake to register

  • Channel: coreprotect:handshake
  • Mod Version: UTF
  • Mod Id: UTF
  • CoreProtect Protocol: Int

Example (Fabric):

PacketByteBuf packetByteBuf = new PacketByteBuf(Unpooled.buffer());
ByteArrayOutputStream msgBytes = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
DataOutputStream msgOut = new DataOutputStream(msgBytes);


/co network-debug

Allows you to debug the networking API if you are registered and have correct permissions.
To utilize the command, network-debug: true must be set in the CoreProtect config.yml.

/co network-debug <type>